87 Main St.
Amherst, MA 01002

Paradise Of India

Welcome to Paradise of India. Indian cuisine has evolved over the
centuries and has been influenced by many cultures. The ingredients
complement each other nutritionally and tastefully. Each dish is spiced
 to enhance the aroma and flavor our spices do not make the dishes out.
 Our very skilled chefs make each dish individually, we will be happy
to make your dishes the way you prefer them from mild to extra-hot.

Enjoy your delightful experience at Paradise of India! 
We strive to give you the best experience of Indian cuisine.

Need reservations?
Call us ahead of time to make sure you get your favorite seat.

Need to add something to an entrée or what you want isn't on our menu?
No problem! We are able to make customized entrees for our customers.

Need Vegan or vegetarian food?
No Problem! Vegan and vegetarian food is also available to your convenience .

Also be sure to let your server know of any allergies your table might have.
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